Treat Back Pain Distally: Theory & Case Studies-Get Instant Pain Relief With Distal Acupuncture

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Brad Whisnant
ISBN: 978-1-940146-11-9
Draycott Publishing
332 pag. paperback 22 x 28 cm

Acupuncture Textbook Treat back pain with acupuncture for instant results. Use Tung and Balance Method. Theory and Case Studies. Muscle Images. Tung Point location images. How to easily tell which meridian to treat for lower back pain, hip pain, coccyx, sacrum. There are 332 pages of theory, how to treat pain with 1-2 needles. How to treat chronic back pain after multiple surgeries. We call them acupuncture quickies. If your patient can barely walk due to back pain, there is a fast solution. The Balance Method, which has been made popular by Dr. Tan, is clearly explained. Tung acupuncture point images, TCM points images, all the images you need to do these treatments. It is all in one book. This is a complete reference for treating anything from BL 23 down to the coccyx.