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The Treatment of Disease in TCM, Vol.3: Diseases of Mouth, Lips, Tongue, Teeth & Gums

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Philippe Sionneau/Lü Gang
ISBN: 978-0-936185-79-8
Blue Poppy Press
246 pag. paperback 15 x 23 cm

This is the third volume in the seven volume series titled The Treatment of Disease in TCM authored by Philippe Sionneau and Lu Gang. In this volume, Sionneau and Lu discuss the TCM disease causes and mechanisms, pattern discrimination, treatment principles, formulas and their modifications, and acupuncture and moxibustion for a wide variety of Diseases of the Mouth, Lips, Tongue, Teeth & Gums. This volume is the first TCM textbook on stomatology to be published in English. Practitioners will find this book an invaluable resource for dealing with patients with everything from oral apthae to bleeding and/or receding gums. Not only is this book unique because of the number of different stomatological diseases it discusses but because of the inclusiveness of the patterns listed under each disease category. In addition, the modifications of the guiding formulas and acupuncture protocols exemplify and insure individualized treatment plans for individual patients.