The Origins of Chinese Kongsi

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Wang Tai Peng
ISBN: 978-967-978-449-7
Pelanduk Publications
128 pag. paperback 14 x 22 cm

THE ORIGINS OF CHINESE KONGSI is essetial reading for those seeking to understand the reason behind the success of Mainland China and the failure of the Sovjet Union to introduce economic reforms. The answer lies in the creation of the kongsi, which is the fundamental system used to overcome economic ills, social ostracism and oppression. This system has been moulded and modified to adapt to modern environment and local legislation.

Although the Kongsi is similar to modern partnership, it incorporates the spirit of genuine co-operation, welfare consideration and brotherhood. The Chinatowns in the main cities worldwide are the direct result of the Kongsi concept. Countless Chinese companies commenced as Kongsi and ended up as conglomerates in many parts of the world. They do not boast of their wealth but take pride in earning monetary rewards through their industry and combined efforts of the individuals involved.

This book is an examination of the Kongsi concept in the past, present and future. Many eminent foreign writers of the past had dealt with the subject with a narrow angle. Wang Tai Peng has given this book a broader outlook through a faithful interpretation of the Kongsi system in recent times from Chinese, Japanese and European souces.