Skills of the Vagabonds, Vol.2-Behind the Incredibles

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Leung Ting
ISBN: 978-962-7284-16-1
Leung's Publications
170 pag. hardcover 22 x 29 cm

Just one craft can make you a great master. By reading this book, you will find out the truth behind bending metal spoons and forks with Chi, lying on a bed of knives, smashing bricks with an "iron head", resisting strangulation with an "iron neck", bending iron rods with an "iron throat", Chi-kung that makes the body steam and invulnerability to swords and spears, etc. You will also be fascinated by the healing power of Chi-Kung, the "air palm" that snuffs out candles, Chi-Kung turning wine to water, the human electric conductor, body levitation Chi-Kung and teleportation. Dr Leung Ting reveals the astonishing and amusing truth behind the incredible feats with clear and simple explanations in his own unique style. Fully illustrated, color photos of amazing chi-kung shows.