Shaolin Kung Fu-The Lost Art-Iron Shirt Qi-gong (Incl.Shaolin Soft Art Tai-Chi)

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Peter Love
ISBN: 978-1-84549-177-2
Arima Publishing
146 pag. paperback 16 x 24 cm

This is an essential guide for any person studying any martial art. With over 130 photographs to help guide you through your study of this amazing art! It is an excellent reference guide for those in particular who are studying or wish to study the White Crane Art. A form originally taught at the Shaolin Temple in the Fukien district of South China. The main intention of this book is to preserve two of the ancient forms passed down over the centuries by the Shaolin Masters. It contains a "reference guide" to the "Shuang Yang Hang Pei Ho" a form from the Shaolin soft art. Plus learn the techniques of the famous Shaolin Form the "Sum Chien". A series of techniques to help develop the legendary "iron-shirt" The ability to with stand heavy blows and strikes to both the body and even the vital organs. Bending spears on the throat and washing in broken glass are just some of the amazing feats achieved by those who study and develop this art. * Kung Fu * Tai Chi * Soft & Hard Qi-Gong * Breathing * Relaxation