Radical Expressions: 52 Thousand-Year-Old Chinese Characters That Are Surprisingly Relevant Today

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Huang Weijia
ISBN: 978-7-100-17875-4
Commercial Press
230 pag. paperback 13 x 20 cm

In this age of modern distractions, we may wish to remind ourselves of simpler times with the Chinese character for 'happy,' or xi, which originally resembled an audience delighted by drumbeats. Evolving from scratches made on animal bones over 3,000 years ago, Chinese characters are imprinted with the marks of ancient beliefs, events, and figures that defined China's history. Learning Chinese characters is a chance to dive deep into Chinese culture. Still vibrant, and ever-changing with the times, Chinese characters present a window to a civilization's past, a mirror to its present, and a bridge to its future.