Pain Case Studies With Distal Acupuncture 1-A Week in a Tung Acupuncture Clinic-Mastering Tung Acup.

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Brad Whisnant/Deborah Bleecker
ISBN: 978-1-940146-09-6
Draycott Publishing
180 pag. paperback 22 x 28 cm

his is the FIRST of TWO CASE STUDY BOOKS Each book has different topics.Both books include the Tung point images in all the cases.*** Pain Case Studies using Tung acupuncture. How to treat all pain with distal points. Learn how just one needle can relieve all pain. Included ailments are: Back Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Neck Pain, Stiff Neck, Trigger Finger, Hip Pain, Groin Strain, Gout, Knee Pain, Teeth Pain, Varicose vein pain.