Orchids of Asia

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Teoh Eng Soon
ISBN: 978-9971-65-416-0
Times Books International
317 pag. hardcover 21 x 29 cm

Praised through the ages for its elegant and captivating flowers, the orchid plant was already cultivated in China in the 6th century B.C.
Today, through man-made hybrids and advances in cloning, nature's opulence has been enhanced by thousands of new orchid hybrids.
Orchids of Asia discusses the fundamental principles of cultivating orchids, from lowland species that are native to Asia to imported orchids that are now commonplace in nurseries and gardens throughout the region.
The author, an expert grower and experienced judge, introduces the plant's natural habitats and growth requirements, particularly those that form the backbone of popular hybrids.
For the orchid grower, several chapters explain the practical aspects of orchid growing, including the eradication of diseases and pests.
For the enthusiast, there are comprehensive chapters on hybridisation and a new chapter on orchid mutation-- a brand new avenue for orchid growers and hybridisers alike.
In addition, a well-illustrated chapter on the appreciation of orchid flowers gives insight into what constitutes an award-worthy orchid.