Illustrated Chinese Moxibustion Techniques & Methods

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Chang Xiaorong/Hong Jing
ISBN: 978-1-84819-087-0
Singing Dragon
350 pag. paperback 17 x 24 cm

This authoritative text provides a complete overview of Chinese moxibustion techniques and methods, including contraindications and specific treatments for a wide range of conditions. The authors cover the fundamentals of theory as well as the skills and techniques practitioners will need, and provide a detailed summary of all of the acupoints commonly used in moxatherapy. The book also covers the ways in which moxatherapy can be used to cultivate general health and wellbeing in patients, and goes on to explain in detail how to treat a wide range of complaints; for each complaint, descriptions of typical cases and the acupoints and procedures needed for treatment are provided. Extensively illustrated with photographs which clearly demonstrate clinical procedures, this is an essential reference for students and practitioners of acupuncture.