Healthy Eating-TCM-Inspired Healthy Eating Guides For All Seasons plus 240 Recipes to Restore Health

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Beauty & Mind

Tracy Huang
ISBN: 9781508402213
514 pag. paperback 15 x 23 cm

Did you know that your body sensitively reacts to external changes and send you signals from time to time? For example, in spring the blossoming season, some people easily develop hay fever, while others may have dry, rough, and itchy skin; in summer the season full of energy, some people frequently have breakouts, while others easily become moody or agitated; in autumn the dry season, some people may suffer from sore throats, coughs, and dry skin; in winter the dry and freezing cold season, some people may suffer from cold digits, chopped skin, and rashes. The 2,000-year-old practical seasonal eating based on the teaching of Traditional Chinese Medicine is powerful because it understands the body, respects how it works in different seasons and advocates a series of principles and guidelines to help you heal the body from the inside, so that you can restore health, beauty, and natural glow inside out. Yes, natural whole foods can be served as medicine. If you have them in the right way and consume them in the right time of the year, they can improve your health conditions, slow down aging process, promote longevity, and help you restore radiant skin. Below are a few examples on how foods can help heal your body in different seasons: In spring the windy season, you could consume more moisturizing foods such as whole grains, pears, lotus seeds, and white fungus to hydrate the body and skin from the inside. It is good to have brown rice, honey, red dates, needle mushrooms, and carrots, if you have a sensitive body that can easily have allergies. In hot summer days, you could consume mung beans and bitter melon soups to help heal your breakouts; you could consider mind-soothing foods like lily bulbs, lotus seeds, millet, and rose petals In dry autumn days, you could consume more skin and lung nourishing foods such as whole grains, honey, pears, lily bulbs, lotus roots, white radish, and Chinese yam. In cold and dry winter days, you could consider consuming more foods with black color or dark colors such as black sesame seeds, black beans, black rice, black fungus, seaweed, and mushrooms. TCM sees that foods with dark colors are dense with nutrients and can effectively help warm up the body during cold winter time. By the end of the book, you will have a complete understanding of how to eat healthy in all four seasons. Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • Basic guidelines for seasonal eating and best practices
  • How 12 months in a year can be divided into 24 shorter periods of time (each period describing a subtle change in atmospheric characteristics and animal behaviors)
  • How ancient Chinese used this type of categorization to plan for what to eat to promote health
  • How to understand your own body in a more precise way and how to customize your food choices to fit only your body type
  • More than 240 recipes for you to choose from to get started with healthy eating in spring, summer, autumn, and winter
  • Grab a copy to start enjoying how foods can bring you magic throughout the year! Tags: spring healthy eating, summer healthy eating, autumn healthy eating, winter healthy eating, healthy eating, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese foods, Food Therapy, alternative medicine, Chinese Food Therapy, macrobiotic diet