Feng Shui: A Key to Prosperous Business

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Peter So
ISBN: 978-988-19303-4-7
Forms Publications
212 pag. paperback 15 x 22 cm

Good earth luck, prosperous mountain and water, extensive bright hall are favorable conditions to achieve fame and wealth. Good door facing and auspicious directions may gain loyalty from staff and thus the company will last well. Peter So ManFung has disclosed the golden principles of commercial feng shui for the first time in this book: Analyzing the feng shui configuration for the famous commercial buildings in Hong Kong and dissecting their designs for collecting wealth. Reviewing the significance and effects to the city and commercial feng shui brought by reclamation, construction and landscape. Discussing the principles of choosing shop premises. Explaining feng shui settingout for different industries, from a shop to an office to an office room. This is a practical manual written with reference to the actual business operation and city’s building appearance. It serves as a good guideline for the businessmen to configure their shops or offices by themselves. It is also a valuable reference book for feng shui learners to study the outlined examples and grab the overall idea and finally comprehend the knowledge by analogy.