Conversational Chinese 301, Vol. 1 (4th Edition)

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Kang Yuhua/Lai Siping
ISBN: 978-7-301-25651-0
Peking University Press
200 pag. paperback 18 x 24 cm

Conversational Chinese 301 is regarded, around the world, as the most popular Chinese textbook for foreigners. Having sold more than 1,000,000 copies since its first edition was published in 1990, now, Conversational Chinese 301 (4th edition), has been updated. The revisions are most notable in the following two aspects.

(1) Conversations have been rewritten to reflect the new features of modern social life by adding some collioquial terms as 'GAOTIE (high-speed rail)', 'KUAIDI (express delivery)', and 'WEIXIN (WeChat)', while the grammatical instruction remains in its original presentation.

(2) The teaching content, new words, translation, and the illustrations have all been improved for a more attractive layout.