Chinese Breeze Graded Reader Series, Level 4: Beauty & Grace (1100 Word Level)

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Liu Yuehua/Chu Chengzhi
ISBN: 978-7-301-29417-8
Peking University Press
98 pag. paperback 14 x 20 cm

Chenyu came to Shanghai in pursuit of her dream. She bears the burden of single motherhood at such a young age, and yet her smile never falters. Chunyan came searching for her roots, after growing up in America with adopted parents. I wanted to help them both, so off we went; first in Shanghai, then later to Chenyu’s home in the mountains.

It would all be much simpler if I hadn’t fallen in love with them, and they with me. A bit convoluted, perhaps, but interesting stories and worthwhile relationships often are.

About the Series

Chinese Breeze is a well-crafted series of entertaining Chinese graded readers designed for college and high school students. The series offers language learners at all levels the opportunity to read for pleasure while simultaneously developing reading comprehension skills, building confidence, and increasing motivation.

Each text is presented in simplified characters. New vocabulary words with pinyin and English definitions are provided in the footnotes. Audio recordings of each text can be streamed by scanning the QR code on the back of each book.