Beyond the Basics-Communicative Chinese For Intermediate & Advanced Learners

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Jianhua Bai/Juyu Sung/Janet Zhiqun Xing
ISBN: 978-0-88727-226-4
Cheng & Tsui Co.
240 pag. paperback 21 x 28 cm

Combining thought-provoking conversation topics with a communicative approach, Beyond the Basic emphasizes spoken language proficiency in Mandarin Chinese for students at the intermediate to advanced level. Through discussing subjects related to their childhood upbringing, politics, music, social problems, personal values, and life issues, students learn to express themselves, exchange opinions, and engage in meaningful dialogue. Activities in the book are task-based and encourage genuine active communication. Each of the 15 chapters consists of a model dialogue, discussion questions, a list of new words, grammar explanation, text pattern explanation with relevant cohesive ties, supplementary vocabulary, plus exercises and activities to reinforce what they have learned. The textbook includes a vocabulary index and a suggested teaching methodology index. In simplified and traditional Chinese characters with pinyin.