Acupuncture Desk Reference, Vol.2 (2nd Edition)

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David J.Kuoch
ISBN: 978-0-9815631-4-5
432 pag. paperback 13 x 21cm

This is the newest, most up-to-date edition of the Second Volume of the indispensable Acupuncture Desk Reference. The perfect complement to the original Acupuncture Desk Reference including: pain management, women's health, shen disturbance, qi gong and the points of Master Tung. ADR2, like the original keeps concepts brief in nature, a comprehensive book with more active participant with patient's health. This 304 page book includes symptoms, formulas, and points for the 3 of the most common categories in TCM, recommended exercises to support wellness, and much more. The two most compact companions available for use in your practice. 2nd Edition Features include these resources: Insurance Providers; CPT codes; Manufacturers and Suppliers; Acupuncture Schools; Important numbers. New added features include: -Pain Management: Formula Cross-Reference; Anatomy of muscles and skeleton (Anterior, Posterior and Lateral views) -Infertility: Infertility work-ups, Lab values, Hormone Relationship, Extra channels, BBT, Diagnosis, Formulas & Points, IVF Western approach, Fertility points, Male Fertility, Fertility herbs, and formulas for Infertility -Facial Acupuncture: including Cautions and Contraindications, Facial points, muscles and treatments; Vitamins; Herbs; Facial reading and massage; Points: inclusive of all points in pictoral format -Dermatomes; Pain Reference, NADA protocols, Big Picture, Auricular points; and Proportional body measurement -Acutonics- Sound Healing -Clinical Practice: includes Cooking Herbal Decoctions -Moxibustion; Cupping; KD-9.