A Dream of Red Mansions, Vol.1-4 (Chinese Classic Novel) Box Edition

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Cao Xueqin/X. Yang (translated)
ISBN: 978-7-119-00643-7
Foreign Languages Press
2556 pag. paperback 11 x 18 cm 2015

A Dream of Red Mansions is China’s greatest full-length classicalnovel. It is a tragic love story set against the background of thedecline of an aristocratic family. With this as its central theme,the novel unfolds a vast and moving panorama of social history. Italso parades a memorable and dazzling cast of characters. Thewide-raging and meticulous structure of A Dream of Red Mansions,together with its literary merit in the form of exquisite language,make it universally recognized as the epitome of the art of the classical novel in China.A Dream of Red Mansions was written in themid-18th century and was ten years in the making. The present translation, by China’s leading literary translation team of Yang Xianyi and his wife Gladys Yang, is the version most complete andmost faithful to the original.