White Crane Kung Fu, Vol. 2-Fujian Chow An White Crane Fist, Flying Crane Branch (DVD)

White Crane Kung Fu, Vol. 2-Fujian Chow An White Crane Fist, Flying Crane Branch (DVD)

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Lee Joo-Chian
Kontact Sports Quebec Inc.
60 min.

Not only is Mr. Bernard represented here, but we also are able to see demonstrations of salient details by the present master-instructor, Lee Joo Chian, son of Bernard’s original teacher. This grandmaster, Lee Kiang Ke (1903-1992), introduced Bernard to the study of White Crane.

Here he shows the branch of the crane family known as the Flying Crane, from Fujian province. Many of the key movements are demonstrated by Lee himself, often with applications and self-contained line exercises and drills. Before all this is a nice historical section with texts, calligraphy and photographs often from private collections.

In addition to the core movements of the style we get to see kicks, stances and those essential hand formations that make White Crane such a unique style. Bernard is a very careful teacher whose goal is to honorably and clearly represent his system. A DVD like this showing the basic but very distinct movements of the Crane Boxing is essential because this is one of those systems that builds directly and powerfully on the basics. Of course all systems do, but styles like White Crane and Pak Mei are particularly integrated in this manner.

Just as a side note; the forward and back marching along with the hand positions and creation of power can only add more evidence to White Crane being a key influence on what we now call Karate. Some of these movements, though of course structurally distinct, could easily be practiced by people at the “Teacher’s House.”