Warriors of Stillness, Vol. 2: The Tao of Yiquan-The Method of Awareness in the Martial Arts

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Jan Diepersloot
ISBN: 978-0-9649976-1-5
Center For Healing & Arts
274 pag. paperback 18 x 26 cm

Based on the techniques and practices of various masters of Yiquan, this book focuses on the ability to defeat power and speed with the softness and stillness taught by this Chinese martial art. Yiquan, also known as I Ch'uan, is an ancient health and martial art system that has its roots in Buddhism and draws on Chinese meditative traditions. Central to Yiquan training methods is a practice of meditation that integrates mind and body to produce fa jin, a powerful and potentially lethal force. Yiquan also relies on skills of awareness and stillness to counter and control this deadly force. This is volume three of the trilogy Warriors of Stillness.