Treating Pain With Traditional Chinese Medicine With Prescriptions by: Liú Dé Quán (Acupuncture)

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Zhang Chun Róng (Chinese Medicinal Formulas)

Dagmar Riley/Liú Dé Quán
ISBN: 978-0-912111-71-1
Paradigm Publications
294 pag. paperback 18 x 26 cm

This outstanding book, which examines the causes of pain according to TCM, will be extremely useful not only for those studying the correct pathomechanism and symptom diagnosis according to Chinese medicine, but also for practitioners who on a daily basis seek to relieve common painful ailments.

Riley's work casts light on the causes of pain as the basis for choosing the right treatment method (several patients may display the identical pain symptom brought about by different causes). This concept of "unlike treatment of like disease" is universal in TCM, but given little consideration in the current Western biomedical model. Causes, pathomechanism, and symptom diagnosis are broadly discussed, then given focus in ensuing chapters on specific conditions which include full prescriptions for both Chinese medicinal and acupuncture therapy.

The Chinese medicinal formulas in this book have been written by Professor Zhang Chunrong, who divides his time between researching, writing, teaching, and seeing patients at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. The acupuncture prescriptions were written by Dr. Liu Dequan, vice-chief doctor of the Beijing Xuanwu TCM Hospital, who has seen patients all day, six days a week, for over 40 years, averaging more than 80 patients on a normal day.