The World of the Chinese-A Struggle For Human Unity

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LCheng Te-k'un
ISBN: 978-962-201-207-3
Chinese University Press
252 pag. hardcover 16 x 24 cm

China constitutes a world by itself, comprising one-fourth of the human race. The cultural activities of the Chinese people have always been conditioned by struggles for unity and peace. Cheng Te-k'un approaches his subject from the anthropological point of view. Through his knowledge of essential historical and archaelogical data, he explains this cultural development with clarity.

Apart from the introduction, the text is composed of three parts. Part One describes briefly the land and people and the language and writing which set the foundation for cultural unity. Part Two deals with material culture, social organization and spiritual pursuits for human survival, dignity and peace in the Chinese world. Part Three is devoted to China's struggle to become a nation in the modern world.