The Tao of Healthy Eating-Dietary Wisdom According to Chinese Medicine (2nd Edition)

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Bob Flaws
ISBN: 978-1-891845-65-9
Blue Poppy Press
152 pag. paperback 18 x 23 cm

The Tao of Healthy Eating is one of the best selling and most accessible books on Chinese dietary therapy in English. Author Bob Flaws begins with an introduction to the basic theories of Chinese medicine as they relate to digestion, diet, and health. He then goes on to discuss Chinese dietary recommendations for the most commonly seen Chinese patterns of imbalance commonly found in modern western patients. After discussing Chinese medical viewpoints on food allergies, cholesterol, obesity, and other topics, Bob goes on to describe common vitamins, minerals, and amino acid supplements as if they were traditional Chinese medicinals. Bob also provides Chinese medical descriptions of approximately 200 commonly eaten Western foods. Under each food, the author gives its nature and flavors, channel gatherings, Chinese medical functions, and indications.

Written in a clear, straightforward style, this book is a great for resale to your patients!
The second edition includes the following new features:
-Chinese characters & Pin Yin throughout the text for important terms
-Not one, but several healthy eating pyramids for different dietary styles
-New discussions of the modern Western diet, trans-fats, corn syrup, pesticides, and chemical additives
-Recipes for specific pattern discriminations
-Concise history of Chinese dietary therapy