The Remote Country of Women-A Novel by Bai Hua

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Bai Hua/Qingyun Wu (translated)
ISBN: 978-0-8248-1611-7
Hawaii University Press
376 pag. paperback 13 x 20 cm

Bai Hua shifts from tragicomic farce to earthy eroticism to modernist playwriting in this carefully wrought exploration of the clash between two ways of life. In alternating chapters, the novel tells the stories of Sunamei, a winsome young woman from an idyllic matriarchal community, and Liang Rui, a self-absorbed man who is also weary witness to the Cultural Revolution.
Through his two protagonists, Bai Hua addresses themes of the repression and freedom of sexuality, the brutality of modernity, and the fluidity of gender roles as the novel moves hypnotically and inevitably toward a collision between two worlds.