The Power of Culture-Studies in Chinese Cultural History

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Willard J. Peterson/Andrew H. Plaks/Ying-shih Yü
ISBN: 978-962-201-596-8
Chinese University Press
366 pag. hardcover 16 x 23 cm

A symposium of essays presented in honor of T. T. Ch'en and F. W. Mote on the occasion of their retirement from the East Asian Studies Department of Princeton University. The participants and contributors are all renowned scholars in Chinese studies, including K. C. Chang, Tsu-lin Mei, Shuen-fu Lin, Yu-kung Kao, Donald Holzman, John Hay, Jao Tsung-i, Peter Bol, Richard Barnhart, Shou-chien Shih, Kang-i Sun Chang, Andrew Lo, Keith McMahon, Ju-hsi Chou, Derk Bodde and the editors.