The Path to Wing Chun: Featuring Grandmaster Yip Man, Yip Chun & A Tribute From Linda Lee

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Samuel Kwok
ISBN: 978-1-874250-80-7
Paul H. Crompton
112 pag. paperback 16 x 25 cm

A lightning-swift form of kung fu based on the concepts of short-range attack and defense, wing chun achieved worldwide renown as the favored martial art of Bruce Lee. This expanded edition of the popular wing chun guide features a tribute from Lee's wife, Linda, plus new material from Yip Chun, the world's leading master teacher of this form. Also included are never-before-published photos of the late Yip Man, former grandmaster and the last in a line of disciples originating with wing chun's 18th-century founder, Ng Mui. The book introduces practitioners to sil lim tao, the first training form, and goes on to describe combat applications. Readers will also find a brief history, notes on training, and useful discussions of centerline theory and the seeds of wing chun.