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Carbon Steel (111 cm Incl. grip)
Art.no.: TS-111
Crane Town Brand
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The CRANE TOWN sword has a history of a few hundred years dating back to the MING dynasty. The legend goes that the the SIZHOU area-now the town seat of WENCHENG COUNTY-DAXUE, is called "GREAT CRANE" because the terrain is crane-like, with the head pointing eastward, the tail westbound, two wings south and north respectively, looking quite like a crane to hover in the vastness of boundless cosmos. With their unique smetting knowhow and with the outstanding SIZHOU BROOK water, also called crane water, the local workingpeople manufacture their CRANE TOWN swords through repeated casting, forging, quench hardening as well as fine grinding and graving.

The CRANE TOWN swords are manufactured of choice material through such special processes as casting, chiseling, quenching grinding, etc. on the basis of traditional craftmanship of sword making, as well as on modern advanced technology. The sword itself is both tough and tensile, hard and flexibly elastic, twistable and can be used both in action and dancing. Carved with a golden dragon playing with a ball and a red phoen in her pride, the sword gives a dazzling silver light and a chilling coldness, making you long for it up for love or money. The fitted sheath is of classical elegance, nicelooking and featured with national tradition. This product is a piece of good equipment for people practising Wushu and also a noble but unique gift for friends and relatives as well as indoor decoration.

The sword won the title of Zhejiang famous special and excellent products in 1987 and won the first place in county competitions entered by eight swordproducers in 1988 and 1989. It also got the certificate of honour as a good credit and standing enterprise from the county government. Our sword was tested in 12989, as measuring up to the Q/SG93-85 standard of Zhejiang Wenzhou, obtaining a certificate of sword quality qualification issued by Wenzhou Metrology Bureau. The CRANE TOWN swords are very popular with all sword lovers.