Sun Tzu: The Ultimate Master of War-Ancient Sages of China

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Xu Yuanxiang/Li Jing
ISBN: 978-7-5085-1040-8
China Intercontinental Press
78 pag. paperback 14 x 21 cm

Sunzi, whose name is Sun Wu and courtesy name is Changqing, was a great strategist and founder of military theory in ancient China. He was a general of the State of Wu in the late Spring and Autumn Period, a native to Le'an in the State of Qi. The 13 chapters of The Art of War of Sunzi, and the bamboo slips bearing The Art of War of Sunzi unearthed from a Han Dynasty tomb reflect Sunzi's rich and profound military thinking. The Art of War of Sunzi is famous both at home and abroad for its extensive and profound military theory, and he is known as "military sage" in Chinese history.