Staff: Kung Fu Weapons of Skill (Incl. 1 DVD)

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Ted Mancuso
ISBN: 978-1-939278-01-2
Plum Publications
202 pag. paperback 20 x 26 cm (Incl. 1DVD)

This book shows, from its first pages, essentials of the Kung Fu staff rarely published in English. This material can deepen the practice of any staff player. Many martial artists learn this or that staff form, but either never explore the real usage of the weapon or think of its as a springboard to learning fancier, more "exciting" weapons. Long-time instructor, Ted Mancuso, makes the case for the staff as a crucial instrument for any martial artist.

  • Flavor, basics and fundamentals of staff work
  • Hundreds of photos
  • Two part system: DVD shows the moves; book explains details and fine points
  • Narrative Instruction
  • Orbits practice
  • Partner routines
  • Good for beginning to intermediate student
  • History and representation in fact, legends and fiction
  • Staff names in Chinese
  • Clarified training methods (ring the bell, etc) & important techniques to increase your skill
  • Moves backed by text, like being in a class with a teacher
  • Thoroughly detailed form instruction
  • Very accessible, you can learn from this text
  • Basic strikes and form in lesson-by-lesson breakdown
  • Intermediate level Long Fist form
  • Good performance set
  • Incorporated principles and theories