Power Body: Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation & Sports Performance Enchancement

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Tom Seabourne
ISBN: 978-1-886969-976-6
YMAA Publication Center
150 pag. paperback 19 x 24 cm

To attain the ultimate body, you must understand your body: how to use it, how to keep it fit, and how to repair it. Tom Seabourne, Ph.D., champion martial artist and a leading expert in Sports Physiology, knows the body inside out and will help you with yours! Develop the body you've always wanted and keep it that way!

The safest, most effective, state-of-the-art warm-ups, stretches, and workouts.

  • Personal fitness level evaluations.
  • Joint protection techniques.

Injured? Rehabilitate yourself and get back on track!

  • The most contemporary sports medicine for lower back pain and shoulder injuries.
  • What to do about sprains.
  • Mind/Body stress reduction techniques for mental and emotional rehabilitation.

Already in shape? Enhance your sports performance and get even better!

  • Achieve peak performance with meditation, relaxation, and breathing techniques.
  • Accelerate fat loss and build muscle with up-to-the-minute nutritional guidelines.
  • Control fatigue and discomfort with mental toughness tips.