Opium-The Poisoned Poppy

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Michael Robson
ISBN: 978-962-7283-08-8
FormAsia Books
88 pag. hardcover 27 x 34 cm

BBC producer Michael Robson, brings to life an age of high adventure, of empire-building, treachery and trade. The narrative centres on a single commodity initially smuggled, and later legally traded, in 19th century China.

The story begins in the poppy fields of Bengal - where the potent poppy is still cultivated - and traces the development of a trade that made fortunes for both mandarin and merchant prince and laid the foundation for the phenomenal growth of the British Crown Colony of Hong Kong. The poppy that fed the opium dreams of early users was the catalyst for the first major military conflict between the 19th century empires of Britain and China. Lavishly illustrated with rare China Trade paintings.