Old Townscapes of China

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Liu Bin
ISBN: 978-7-119-05284-7
Foreign Languages Press
144 pag. paperback 15 x 22 cm 2008

DetailsIn such an era of cultural assimilation, when bulldozers nudge their way toward the increasingly fewer Beijing hutong and siheyuan, and Shanghai linong, it is not only the old city districts that are declining; the unique Chinese architecture, culture and lifestyle are vanishing with them.
Fortunately, the vast territory of China is still dotted with old townscapes dating back thousands of years, carrying on the continuous history and civilization of China. Zhouzhuang, Fenghuang, Hongcun, Tongli, Pingyao, Luodai, Lijiang, Dali ...these old towns enjoy their own tranquility, far from the din of the cities, and exude their own distinctive flavor and delicacy without the pompous magnificence of imperial palaces. Their names are beautiful symbols of China because of their small picturesque bridges, flowing waters and local houses that have long been portrayed in Chinese ink and wash paintings, numerous exquisite brick, stone and wood carvings, arches erected to commemorate chaste widows, a welter of ethnic customs of the Han, Miao, Tibet, Bai and many other nationalities, traditional folk tales and legends ....