Nine Star Ki: Feng Shui Astrology For Deepening Self-knowledge & Enchancing Relationships, Health &

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Robert Sachs
ISBN: 978-0-5955-3139-4
336 pag. paperback 19 x 23 cm

"Robert Sachs has written a very exciting book with insight, clarity and humour. I recommend it to anyone who has the curiosity to ask, 'Why do I do what I do?'" William Tara, author of Macrobiotics and Human Behavior Nine Star K is the astrological companion to Feng Shui. It is a straightforward, yet profound astrological system found in Japan, China, and Tibet which helps us to understand ourselves and our relationship with others. Offering clear and practical guidance which anyone can use, it enables us to work profitably with our strengths and challenges in all areas of life. Read this book to discover: * Your basic Nine Star Ki personality * How to calculate your personal Nine Star Ki numbers * Way to enhance your relationships with others, at home or work * Why Nine Star Ki can help you develop a more fulfilling lifestyle. "Robert is one of the pioneers of Nine Star Ki study and practice in the West. His years of experience, valuable insights and wisdom shared in this book will give you new perspectives of yourself, your health, and your relationships." Jon Sandifer, author of Feng Shui Astrolog