Library of Chinese Classics: The Book of Lord Shang (Chinese-English Edition)

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大中华文库: 商君书 (英对照)

Shang Yang/J.J.L. Duyendak (translated)
ISBN: 978-7-100-04879-8
Commercial Press
358 pag. hardcover 16 x 24 cm

The Book of Lord Shang is a collection of works written by Shang Yang (390-338 BC), the famous Chinese thinker in the Warring States Period (475-221 BC), and his disciples. At present, only 24 of his essays are well kept. This book records not only Shang Yang's ideas, his reform theories and measures, but also the political and military system in Qin and other states in the same period. As one of the representative works of Legalist School, the book has high historical and ideological value.