Library of Chinese Classics: Records on the Warring States Period, Vol.1 - 3 (Chinese-English Ed.)

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大中华文库: 战国策 1-3 (英对照)

Zhai Jiangyue (translated)
ISBN: 978-7-5633-6883-9
Guangxi Normal University Press
1524 pag. hardcover 16 x 24 cm

Intrigues of the Warring States is a renowned ancient Chinese historical work and compilation of sporadic materials on the Warring States Period compiled between the 3rd to 1st centuries BCE. It is an important text of the Warring States Period as it accounts the strategies and political views of the School of Negotiation and reveals the historical and social characteristics of the period. The author of the book has not yet been verified. Records of the Warring States Period recounts the history of the Warring States from the conquest of the Fan clan by the Zhi clan in 490 BC up to the failed assassination of Qin Shi Huang by Gao Jianli in 221 BC.