Leer Chinees met mij voor beginners: Studentenboek (Set van 2 CD's)

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Zhu Zhi Ping/Chen
ISBN: 978-7-88770-492-4
People's Education Press
Set van 2 Audio CD's 2011

Learn Chinese with Me Student's Book (Dutch version) is designed for high school students to the Dutch-speaking introductory textbook written in Chinese also available in Dutch-speaking young people aged 15-18 Chinese learners. Learn Chinese with Me Student's Book (Dutch version) includes school textbooks. exercise books and supporting CD. vocabulary cards. word cards and so on. Learn Chinese with Me Student's Book (Dutch version). write the dominant ideology is to develop overseas high school students interested in learning Chinese. Materials to choose from a design framework arrangement language materials absorb the current Chinese as a second language acquisition the latest results of the study; trying natural and interesting content on the arrangement.