Kung Fu Spear-King of Weapons (Incl.DVD)

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Ted Mancuso
ISBN: 978-1-939278-02-9
Plum Publications
228 pag. paperback 19 x 25 cm

Book & DVD Set by Ted Mancuso In the 1-3/4 hour DVD, Master Mancuso covers the Spear, one of the original four basic Kung Fu weapons (staff, saber, sword and spear.) He teaches why it is the prize weapon of all Kung Fu and how to master the spear's core principles and gain the most from spear training. The author reveals how movements of the spear generally improve the Kung Fu practitioner's empty hand skills. Mancuso teaches all the basics, plus variations of strikes that demand refined movements. Also includes the Zha spear form, a selection of spear Key Points to make the form come alive, and two entire groups of applications, demonstrated against advanced teachers wielding spear and saber. The companion 227 page book is filled with photographs and illustrations which help the practitioner experience the essence of what spear-energy has meant through a thousand of years practice and refinement. The author covers basics & strikes, form & commentary, fighting spear & saber, understand