Kuaile Hanyu-Student's Book 1 (2nd Edition)

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Li Xiaoqi/LuoQingsong
ISBN: 978-7-107-27894-5
People's Education Press
156 pag. paperback 21 x 28 cm

In accordance with updated requirements from the HSK Outline, Youth Chinese Test (YCT) Outline and the UK GCSE, the second edition of Kuaile Hanyu contains enriched content and increased vocabulary requirements. This new edition also has adopted 'step-by-step' principles for the Chinese phonetic system and has improved the workbook by increasing the number and quality of exercises. After completing Kuaile Hanyu Book 3, students will be prepared to pass HSK Level 3.

Now the second edition of textbook and workbook volume 1 of the popular Chinese textbook series Kuaile Hanyu has been released. While maintaining its core themes and basic structure, the new and modernised design of the new edition has increased its appeal to primary and secondary school students. Major changes include new illustrations and pictures, clear learning objectives at the start of each chapter, a new 'Chinese Culture' section in each chapter for cultural points and tips, more exercises to practice the four skills, and vocabulary and grammar which more closely corresponds to the HSK syllabus.