Jingwu-Athletic Association 100 Years (1910-2010)

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Robert Yandle
ISBN: 978-1-892515-35-3
Beckett Media
124 pag. paperback 18 x 23 cm

This book seeks to document a factual account of the events leading to the creation of the Jingwu Gymnastic Association in Shanghai, 1910. I have also tried to give an insight into the various characters involved, their motivations and aspirations, as well as shed some light on the many related subjects that contributed to the outcome. While trying to retain some of the

original flavor and anecdotes, I have assiduously tried to be as historically accurate as possible.
For too long now, the Chinese Martial Arts have remained shrouded in mystery, obscured by the mists of time and generations of folklore. While these gilded legends and embellished tales have had their charm and place they have also, I believe, had their day. I no longer see the benefit of recounting fanciful tales of monks with their heads in the clouds, generals
from pre-history and snakes evading cranes, when the real history is even more interesting and, more importantly, true.
This is why I have taken care to give factual, dated historical accounts of the events alongside the folklore versions. I have done my utmost to minimize the errors and inaccuracies. It is my goal that readers should have at least a historical basis upon which to make appraisal or judgment.