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Lao She/D. Xiang (translated)
ISBN: 978-962-04-0392-7
Joint Publishing Co.
259 pag. paperback 14 x 21 cm

Lao She, one of the most prominent and prolific contemporary Chinese writers, was a great master of humour, but behind his humour there is much pathos, not merely tear-jerking pathos but sometimes much deeper- the pathos of a whole society.

Life for a foundling is always hard. Life for a foundling with pysical imperfections is doubly so. Sensitive and imaginative, Heavensent found very early that he was different from other boys and learnt how to survive in a lonely and quite often very hostile world. We follow him through his vicissitudes until a sudden fortune opens up a new world to him-a chance to study in Beiping.

Heavensent grew up in a typical small town in the north of China in a period of great upheaval with warlord' strifes and students' movements. We find these upheavals reflect the lives of the ordinary people and common events which are what the books is about.