Great Wall Chinese: Essentials in Communication Textbook, Vol. 2 (2nd Edition)

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Ma Jianfei/Song Jihua
ISBN: 978-7-5213-2257-6
Foreign Language Teaching & Research Press
142 pag. paperback 21 x 29 cm 2021

The main goal of Great Wall Chinese teaching program is to cultivate Chinese communication skills. It utilizes textbooks, workbooks, and online teaching/learning platforms, to offer tailored learning programs and satisfy the needs of Chinese language learners at any proficiency level, anytime and anywhere.

The Great Wall Chinese textbooks are an important part of the Great Wall Chinese teaching program. Great Wall Chinese textbooks are divided into three grades: Essential in Communication, Progression in Communication, and Fluency in Communication. Each grade contains six sets of textbooks and workbooks corresponding to six levels, with each level comprising ten units. The textbooks can be studied in combination with online teaching/learning platforms or independently. The stories that are featured in Great Wall Chinese textbooks cover topics that are divided into four themes: Start a Business, Love, Legend, and Modern Times. These themes cover several aspects of contemporary Chinese social life, including the economy, culture, sports, ethics, and more. A dozen overseas students and their Chinese friends with distinctive characteristics are at the core, making the stories fascinating and full of vitality. With everyday language that is authentic and natural, the textbooks seamlessly integrate language learning into the plot of each story.