Food As Medicine-TCM-Inspired Healthy Eating Principles With Action Guide , Worksheet & 10-Week Meal

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Plan to Restore Health, Beauty & Mind

Tracy Huang
ISBN: 9781507876701
158 pag. paperback 15 x 23 cm

What’s your definition of “food”? It does not only fuel the body, but also nourish and help heal your body to help you more effectively achieve everything else in life. In reality, the therapeutic part of food is rarely talked about in the west. The importance of foods has been underestimated or even ignored. That’s why this book is born. This book is about digging deeper into the therapeutic aspects in foods that you may not have heard of yet; it is also about choosing to eat with consciousness and exploring how food can serve as medicine to help heal the body; most importantly, it is about deepening the relationship with your own body, because you cannot improve health unless you understand your body and know what to pick accordingly to strengthen health, slow down aging process, deal with health concerns, and prevent diseases your body is prone to. Specifically, you will learn:

  • What is Food Therapy after all?
  • Where do these dietary ideas come from?
  • Why is it different from other dietary approaches you have heard of?
  • How can it help restore your health, beauty, and mind?
  • How can you get started, so that you don’t get lost in the wealth of knowledge (in other words, how to take actions immediately)?
  • More than 40 recipes to help you kick off your journey