Folk Embroidery - Folk Heritage of China

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Li Youyou
ISBN: 978-7-119-04673-0
Foreign Languages Press
146 pag. paperback 17 x 24 cm 2008

Folk Embroidery collects over 200 illustrations in 39 categories of folk embroidered works by the Han, Miao, Tujia, Yao, Dong, Tibetan, Dai and Manchu peoples. The accompanying detailed introductions will allow readers to truly appreciate the magnificence of folk embroideries.Chinese folk embroidery is a type of arts and crafts for both esthetic appreciation and practical use. The embroidered works have high decorative value, often with exquisite designs, and represent Chinese folk culture and traditional spirits. lntrocluction Garmcments and Accessories Wedding Dresses Horse-face Skirts Dresses with a Hundred Birds Up-rolled Sleeves Vests Wedding Sashes Cloud-shaped Shawls Doudu Bibs Aprons Waist Sashes Waist Accessories Shoe-liners Embroidered Shoes Embroidered Caps Forehead Ornaments Ear Warmers Plait Holders Embroidered Daily Necessities Pouches Sachets Shoulder Bags Tablecloths Curtain Holders Quilt Covers Longevity Curtains Door Curtains Wedding Curtains Baby Carriers Pillow Cases Basin Covers Powder Puffs Mirror Covers Fan Covers Key Cases Scissors Cases Sewing Kits Name-card Holders Foot Covers Thangka ……