Finding a Life of Harmony & Balance: A Taoist Master's Path to Wisdom

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Chen Kaiguo/Zheng Shunchao/Thomas Cleary (translated)
ISBN: 978-0-8048-5274-6
Charles Tuttle Co.
316 pag. hardcover 14 x 20 cm 2020

This is the latest edition of Opening the Dragon Gate-the authorized biography of contemporary Taoist master Wang Liping (1949-). Wang is an 18th generation transmitter of Dragon Gate Taoism. This book tells the true story of his apprenticeship in Taoist wizardry, as well as the specialized body of knowledge, mystical wisdom and ritualized practice accumulated and refined over eleven centuries. His story begins with a seemingly chance encounter with three Taoist elders when he was a young boy. What follows is a philosophical quest in a coming-of-age tale like no other, playing out in mountainside temples and remote reaches of China. Wang's story parallels that of the Dalai Lama, as-like Tibetan Buddhists-Dragon Gate Taoists identify, raise and train specially chosen youngsters to become the holders, guardians and transmitters of their ancient, esoteric spiritual wisdom. While few of us will become spiritual gurus like Wang, his story speaks clearly and concisely to modern readers who are on their own chosen paths, seeking their own forms of self-cultivation, enlightenment, wisdom and a life of greater harmony and truth.