Feng Shui Today: Earth Design-The Added Dimension

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Jami Lin
ISBN: 978-0-9643060-9-7
Earth Design Inc.
302 pag. paperback 18 x 25 cm

Deepak Chopra's review describes this book the best...(Professional interior designer and Feng Shui expert) draws from sacred architecture, geomancy, astrology, and the organic approaches of visionary architects. Jami presents practical and inexpensive ideas to bring harmony to your surroundings in a book that goes far beyond Feng Shui.


"In the Feng Shui world, Earth Design, The Added Dimension is a major breakthrough! An absolute necessity to read!" --Feng Shui Warehouse "Earth Design captures the essence of ancient and contemporary knowledge of the east and west. Whether you are a Feng Shui practitioner, architect, divinator, a scholar of I-Ching, life philosophy, theology, spirituality, or environmental protection, Earth Design is a valuable reference." --Feng Shui Grand Master, Lin Yun "Earth Design is a self-directed spiritual journey, guided by our connection to substance and form. Approachable enough for beginners, it draws surprising new connections for even the advanced student of Feng Shui by tying in Jami's knowledge of architecture, interior design, and a variety of metaphysical subjects."- --New Leaf Distributing "Earth Design is an elegant and cleverly assembled account of the various ways that buildings can be designed to maximize their potential for environmental harmony." -- Derek Walters, Feng Shui author/expert.