Eye Acupuncture Therapy

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Zhao Xin/Wang Tai (translated)
ISBN: 978-7-5077-1364-0
Academy Press
220 pag. paperback 13 x 19cm

In recent years, according to the theory of differential diagnosis of syndromes and the principle of selection of acupoints by inspection of blood vessels on eye, the eye acupuncture at acupoints around eyeball and on orbital edge to treat various general diseases of human beings has been used in clinical practice with a good therapeutic effect.

The eye acupuncture therapy was thoroughly discussed in 2 parts of this book. In the first part of the the basic theories of eye acupuncture were introduced and in the second part the definition, etiology, pathogenesis, differential diagnosis, treatment and clinical experience of more than 50 common diseases were mentioned as a reference for clinical practice of eye acupuncture therapy in traditional Chinese medicine.