Experiencing Chinese-Business Communication in China Textbook (Revised Edition) Audio Online

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Zhang Hong (Short-Term Course)
ISBN: 978-7-04-051010-2
Higher Education Press
110 pag. paperback 21 x 28 cm

Experiencing Chinese - Business Communication in China offers 12 lessons. Lesson 1: Greeting and Introduction; Lesson 2:Team Work; Lesson 3: Time Schedules; Lesson 4: Location of the Workplace; Lesson 5: Business Banquet; Lesson 6: Working on the Internet; Lesson 7: Marketing; Lesson8: Financial Management; Lesson 9: Business Consulting; Lesson 10: Strategy Management; Lesson 11: Company Culture; Lesson 12: Community Contribution. Each lesson offers 3 objectives. A great resource for professionals who plan to engage in business interactions in China.