Essential Pulse Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine: Mai Jing A-B-C Method

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Jamie Hamilton
ISBN: 978-1-83997-145-7
Singing Dragon
256 pag. paperback 15 x 23 cm 2022

Pulse diagnosis is a notoriously complicated area in Chinese medicine with very few practical or accessible resources available to practitioners to improve their skillset. This clear, didactic manual provides detailed yet user-friendly instructions for a pulse diagnosis method the author has developed called Mai Jing A-B-C, allowing for clinical competency and confidence in pulse diagnosis.
Jamie Hamilton draws on pulse methods and techniques found primarily in the 3rd century classic of Chinese medicine, Mai Jing, that have often been overlooked in later centuries. He uses his teaching background to reassess these methods and breaks down incredibly complex concepts into simpler forms to enable learning and immediate application into practice. The method has been honed into six simple steps, each accompanied by etailed case studies to further aid clarity.