Dutch Cooking

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Heleen A.M. Halverhout
ISBN: 978-90-6030-330-6
Driehoek Uitgeverij
144 pag. paperback 14 x 22 cm 2006

In this book you will find some of our traditional dishes, which you probably liked when dining out or at the home of Dutch friends.

We 'Hollanders', as we are mostly called in the States (in England they call us 'the Dutch'), are great lovers of nice food. And we like to prepare these tasty dishes from the best ingredients. We like to eat them at home in the company of our family, seated at a wellset table - covered in the Dutch way with a tablecloth of white or coloured linen-, may be under a big lamp fixed in the middle of the ceiling of our diningroom.

Our traditional dishes are mostly based on rather nourishing ingredients, but as you problably know we take only one hot meal a day. The first and second meal are sandwich-meals.

Some of the varied recipes in this book are:
Arnhem Girls / Buttercake / Spiced Red Cabbage / Cinnamon Turnovers / Christmas-ring / Holland Dropscones / Hague Bluff / Hotchpotch / John in the Bag / Kandeel / Limburg Pies / Nasi Goreng / Dutch Pea Soup / Peppernuts / Fried Rice / Slemp / Snowballs / Dutch Spice Cake / Real Dutch Steak / St. Nicholas Dolls.

It has been a very great pleasure to write this book for you. I wish you 'good cooking' and much fun preparing these typical dishes of the Netherlands.