Chinnery-Premier Painter of the China Trade School

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Robin Hutcheon
ISBN: 978-962-7283-03-4
FormAsia Books
118 pag. hardcover 28 x 34 cm 1989

The celebrated China Trade artist George Chinnery, whose paintings have over recent years become collector's treasures, was every bit as colourful as the cavalcade of people and places he committed to canvas during the 19th century. This exceptional, high gloss volume presents a superb visual record of the tumultuous early years of trade on the doorstep of China. Using words as the artist employed paints, Robin Hutcheon, former Editor of The South China Morning Post, creates a vivid portrait of George Chinnery, an English artist ever on the run from debt-collectors and his wives, who revelled charmingly in portraying Eastern life from his Macau studio. Richly illustrated with sketches, pencil drawings, water colours and superb portraits in oils.