Chinese Kung-fu Series 11: 12 Fatal Leg-attack Techniques (Chinese-English Edition)

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Wang Xinde/He Zhou (translated)
ISBN: 978-962-238-048-6
Hai Feng Publishing Co.
128 pag. paperback 14 x 22 cm

Printed in Hong Kong this en face book explains in both English and Chinese leg attack of the Shaolin School. This particular branch is known as the JinGang-Chan school thus claiming its lineage to Vajra Buddhist warriors. All of these methods contribute to the famous 108 legs attacks.

The names of the techniques alone are almost worth the price of the book. They call up such classic names as ... The Golden Leopard Climbs a Tree The Tiger Bumps the Trunk Golden Vulture Attacks its Prey White Ape Presents FruitThis is a well constructed book with nice line illustrations and clear text.The techniques are traditional, though the students who posed for them "hammed it up" a little. On the other hand the wide arms positions and definitely extreme body inclinations emphasizes correctly the purposely "awkward" side of Shaolin with, given its Chan (Zen) influence, shows a similarity to the almost extinct Tzu-Ran "Natural" style. A well-translated and intelligent book.