Chinese Garnishes With Platter Arrangements (English-Spanish Edition)

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Huang Su-Huei
ISBN: 978-0-941676-84-7
Wei Chuan Publishing Co.
174 pag. paperback 19 x 26 cm 2004

Since its first printing in 1982, CHINESE APPETIZERS & GARNISHES has been met with great enthusiasm from readers around the world. With the increased interest from Spanish readers in Europe and the Americas, Ms. Huang is pleased to introduce this newly expanded English/Spanish edition.

CHINESE GARNISHES unlocks the secrets of transforming simple fruits, vegetables and various meats into an array of incredible and easily adaptable garnishes. The first section guides the reader in the Chinese art of cutting, slicing, sculpting, and the myriad ways of creating and applying garnishes. The second section features the unique and classic approach based on the Chinese aesthetics of platter arrangements. From Plum Blossom Shrimp Platter, The Arrival of the Phoenix to The Good Luck Dragon, each presentation transforms a simple dish into a captivating visual experience.